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Look of the day: Legging boots



This post is all about the amazing legging boots from Calzado Andrea, they are very trendy for this fall/winter season. Many designers have included them in their fall/winter shoe collections. On the other side they look amazing and there are many wonderful combinations you can make with thigh high boots. They really look lovely with short skirt or dress, but you can wear them with jeans and pants too. After going through some 2014 fall collectionsand some street style pics for inspiration, it hit me: this is exactly what I need in 2014 autumn. A very luxe, extremely sexy & beyond empowering look. And since black, leather and boots are all IN by default come the cold season, why don’t we make it all about them and our legs?

– Este post es acerca de las legging boots de Calzado Andrea, están increíbles además de que están muy de moda esta temporada otoño/invierno 2014. Muchos diseñadores las han incluido en sus colecciones de zapatos. Por otro lado tienen un aspecto increíble y hay muchas combinaciones maravillosas que puedes hacer con estas botas altas. Te vas a ver muy guapa usándolas con una falda corta o vestido, pero se pueden usar con jeans y pantalones también. Después de pasar por algunas colecciones de otoño 2014 y algunas fotos de street style, me di cuenta: Esto es exactamente lo que necesito para el otoño/invierno 2014 para lograr un look muy lujoso, extremadamente sexy y robar mas de una mirada. El negro, el cuero y las botas se usan de forma predeterminada en temporada de frío ¿por qué no llevarlos en las piernas? 



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Legging Boots :

Trench coat: ZARA

Skinny jeans: True religion

Top: Lush

Scarf: ZARA

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DKNY Fall 2015


Forget the straight and preset for fall / winter 2015 and opt for a modern and elegant collection of watches inspired in the city. From day to night, making traditional urban twists and the iconic New York brand inspires its designs in the bright lights and geometric silhouettes of the city that never sleeps. From the catwalk to the streets, black has always been the signature color that New Yorkers never get tired. This season, the black takes on a whole new dimension, with contrasting finishes and unexpected textures. Like the city itself, governed confidence and individuality. What counts is always as you wear it. Make it yours.

– Olvida lo recto y preestablecido, y para otoño/ invierno 2015, opta por una colección moderna y elegante de relojes inspirados en la ciudad. Del día a la noche, lo tradicional toma giros urbanos, y la icónica marca de Nueva York inspira sus diseños en las brillantes luces y en las siluetas geométricas de la ciudad que nunca duerme. Desde la pasarela a las calles, el negro siempre ha sido un color de la firma del que los neoyorquinos nunca se cansan. Esta temporada, el negro adquiere una dimensión completamente nueva, con acabados contrastados y texturas inesperadas.


Miss Black Book

Body shapes, style advice, style guide

Style advice for your body shape!

As a freelance fashion stylist I’ve worked with several clients, yet there’s one thing every woman wants to know:

  How do I dress to suit my shape? 

  Well, I’ve now put together the ultimate fashion style guide showing you what dresses to wear for your body shape. Take a look at the Shape Solutions range to discover fashion that really works wonders for your figure.

  This are the 4 different type of body shapes for women. 

About the Apple body shape
If you are the Apple of someone’s eye then you’re pretty in proportion but tend to carry your weight around your mid section without a well-defined waist. You may also have fabulous legs and/or boobs so dressing is all about showing off those best bits and avoiding adding volume round your middle.

Bring out your best:
Empire line and longer length tops will flatter your figure. Go for low-ish necklines to draw the eye upwards.

Best to avoid:

Short, boxy jackets and pleated or tiered skirts are not your friends. Cast them out now and feel forever better.

Go for dresses that highlight your bust and skim down over yout tummy without clinging.
Top Tip: Look out for dresses with embellishment around the neck and colour/ detail around the hem to draw attention to either end of your body.

About the Pear body shape.

If you are a bottom-heavy beauty and are bigger around the hips, bottom or thighs than you are up top then, like the majority of women, you are a Pear! You’ve probably also got a fairly flat stomach you lucky thing. Work that womanly figure by adding more shape and structure above the waist.

Bring out your best:

Balance out your curvy bottom half with bold bright tops or tops with large collars, lapels or sleeves.

Best to avoid:

Tube, pencil and fishtail skirts, especially tight-fitting ones will only emphasise your hips and behind.

Look for dresses that add volume and detail on your top half or bust and flare out over your hips rather than cling 
Top Tip: Adding a structured bolero jacket to most flared dress styles will give a really flattering look for Pear shapes.

About the Hourglass body shape

Curvy hourglass girls go in at the middle, often with a fuller bust and bottom to contrast with the smaller waist. You’re blessed with a very sexy shape so you need to learn not to drown it in too-baggy clothes but also not go too overtly sexy either…unless that’s the look you’re going for!

Bring out your best:

Wrap dresses, waist-cinching belts and flared or wide leg jeans will work wonders. Not necessarily all at once.

Best to avoid:

Shapeless baggy jumpers will hide your wonderful waist. Unless you add that magic belt of course!

Your curves were made for dresses, so have some fun! Just stick to styles that highlight your waist.
Top Tip: If you love strapless dresses but have full upper arms simply add a little shrug.

 About the Rectangle body shape

Rectangle ladies are fairly straight up and down though don’t always have the boyish chest to match. Many women would kill for your shape; there’s no main area you want to minimise so you can get away with more things than most. However you may crave more curves – an illusion easily created with the right clothing.

Bring out your best:

A structured coat that cinches in with a belt will make you look more curvy. If you’ve a small bust you can get away with tricky to wear high-necked tops.

Best to avoid:

Low rise jeans and trousers can make your torso look too long. Stay away from sheath dresses and stick to styles with more shape instead.
Most dresses will look great on your more boyish frame but aim to create more curves top and bottom. 

Top Tip: If you’re a lucky busty rectangle go for a lower neckline. If not, go for a higher neck and show off your sexy back or legs instead.

I hope this post helped you to get to know more about how to style your daily outfits according to your body shape!