Dare me, Sopi

Dare Me.

Hello everyone! today’s look is about one of my most recent shootings with the photographer Sopi you can follow him here : http://iso1985.blogspot.com/ 

So this look was created to an inspiring DARING attitude, so black was the ideal color and a scale of gray in the shirt, I can’t stay away from this necklace because it’s one of my most recent gifts by a very known  accessory firm after working for them in a Photo shoot….as a thank gift ! 

So, this post is dedicated not to the outfit but to the daring attitude! I think it’s stronger than the outfit…so to crate a perfect outfit the most important thing is having the right attitude!! 


 ♥ Photography : Sopi 

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  • you are so beautiful!I have a question: how did you manage it in three days ( not even) to get so many clicks for Nokia Style Correspondent? Please answer me in an email. adashoffashion@hotmail.de
    best <3 nora

  • Hey darliiing !!! I’ve just answered you by e mail.

  • I followed you back darling 🙂
    Is that you? You are gorgeous!
    Your blog is fabulous 🙂

  • Simona!!! thank you so much I really appreciate it 🙂 yes that’s me lol you are so sweet, loved your blog as well !!! we’ll keep in touch !!
    xoxo <3

  • Thanks Viv !!!! you’re so sweet <3 loved your blog ! xoxo

  • Such a lovely blog and you look great! I am completely new to blogspot! HOpe you can visit my blog and leave a comment:) THank You!

  • Hello Jeunefille!!!! sure I’ll visit your blog right away !!! thank you for your time !! xoxo

  • Kat

    nice photos! you are really pretty!

  • Thank you very much for your comments !!!! I really care about your opinions! Xoxo

  • Yay!! Thanks for following darling.. I’m you new follower as well.. So cool to have a model follower! And latina just like me! lol.
    Great shots, you look so beautiful in all of them..

  • Alci !!! thank you so much 🙂 I liked a lot your blog !!!! xoxo

  • So beautiful! Love the blog! Thank you for the sweet comment 🙂 Following you now 🙂


  • hello melisa!!! thank you so much !!! xoxo