Nokia N8

My Nokia N8 !

Hello everyone,

I’m thrilled to inform you all that my Nokia N8, from the Nokia and ELLE competition has arrived from LONDON !!! 

Since I’m on the third and final round of the Search for the Next Style Correspondent I’m one step closer for making it to the front row during Fashion Week NY, just take a look ! 

Oh surprise!!! look at all what they’ve sent . . .

 Lots of LOVE!!!
♥ Mariana

Thanks to NOKIA and ELLE ! 
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  • How exciting.

  • OLE !!! está increíble todo el paquete !! I know you’ll make it 🙂

  • hey hey hey !!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck dear !!!

  • Thank you soy much !!!!! I’m working very hard on my style portfolio so I can make it to the Fashion Week !!! I really appreciate your comments !! thanks for your support!!!!!

  • Congratulations on making it to the 3rd round. I found your blog through visiting this comp’s site on Facebook, which is great. Good luck.

    Miss Bias

  • congrets dear,N8 is amazing….i love ur blog