Turquoise Night

Hey there!  I would like to share one of my favorite pictures ever!! it was taken by Sopi. 

I really loved the concept of this photographer (friend of mine) because it is unique in his type..some kind of VOGUE material, as some of my dearest friends told me before ! 

This bathing suit is one of the most important items in the picture, due to it’s particular shine…It never looked “wet” since I jumped into the pool it had a “dry” effect. 
It was a whole adventure taking this picture, I had to float in the water for a few minutes without making any gesture of suffering in my face…but I loved jumping into the pool at night…because of the warm weather, it felt DELICIOUS! 
Anyway, I hope you like this picture which I consider ART. 


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  • this photo is great! has your friend ever sent in anything to magazines? she really should!!

    a peek of chic

  • THANKS DARLING !!!! you are so sweet, actually my friend is a He lol ! but he’s trying …. I’m sure he will be hired by one ! he’s so good!

  • Ade

    This picture is gorgeous!And your friend is really talented!